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What does the end of ISDN mean for you?

You may not be aware that BT has announced that by the end of 2023 businesses will no longer be able to buy ISDN and PSTN circuits. Furthermore, they plan that all existing ones should be turned off by 2025. While this is 6 years off, you should be considering what impact this will have on your business now.

Both PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) are older technologies using analogue data through copper phone lines (PTSN) or voice and data over digital lines (ISDN). But they have both been made outdated by newer technologies like fibre broadband.

The future is VoIP

BT’s aim is that all existing ISDN & PTSN customers will switch to VoIP systems (Voice over internet protocol). Effectively, VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal that allows you to call directly from a computer or VoIP phone.

So, you need to be thinking about a VoIP system now and looking at the best options that are available.

Hosted or on-premises VoIP?

There are 2 types of VoIP system, on-premises or hosted. An on-premises VoIP system will need SIP Trunks to create virtual telephone lines over the Internet. They offer a lot of the benefits of VoIP like cost savings and HD quality calls.

A hosted VoIP system does away with the requirement of all telephone system hardware and dedicated phone lines – with the obvious exception of handsets. Like on-premises VoIP hosted VoIP makes your system more flexible and scalable as well as enjoying cost savings.

If you are uncertain about whether you are an ISDN or PTSN user, or simply want to look more at the benefits of switching to VoIP, get in touch with us today. We offer a free-of-charge audit of your business phone system that will give you the information you need to make the right decision on the future.

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