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Fraud Monitor

It's a fact that telephone scams are one of the largest sources of fraud in the UK

The costs to businesses from telephone fraud incidents are understood to be over £3.5 billion a year. Our experts are here to help our clients protect their businesses from telephone fraud.

Telephones are the lifeline of most businesses

Without the correct precautions in place, they could also be the biggest overlooked risk. Alfonica Fraud Monitor ensures that no call goes unmonitored.

Peace of mind from just £1 per month per line

We can add our Fraud Monitor service to your package.

Peace of mind from just £1 a month per line

  1. The Fraud Monitor Service sits quietly on your hosted phone service and monitors your calls.

  2. When an unusual call or pattern of calls is identified, the service notifies our dedicated team of this suspicious activity.

  3. We will halt all calls, investigate the activity and contact you. We will reactivate your services as soon as we have confirmation that the line is secure.

Alfonica fraud monitor will protect your business against telephone fraud.

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