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Leased line & P2P

A dedicated internet connection for your business

A leased line is a data circuit for your exclusive use. It connects your premises directly to the Openreach exchange, whereas broadband routes data over a public network, used by lots of other people. The connection will be via a fibre optic cable, used by you exclusively.

Leased lines vs broadband

Leased line speed is guaranteed and uncontended, whereas broadband speeds can vary. Therefore, you need to consider how important a reliable connection is to your business.

Leased lines generally have much longer lead times for installation, because where broadband is delivered over existing infrastructure, a leased line needs a new circuit to be installed. So, if you're opening a new office or relocating to a different building, you need to plan well in advance.

If there is a problem with your leased line, you are guaranteed to have an engineer sent out within 4-6 hours to investigate the issue and resolve it. However, with a broadband connection, it could be up to two days before the problem is investigated.

Leased line - the process

We’ll look after all the stages involved in installing your leased line. From initial order placement, through to site survey, installation and handover, an Alfonica expert will manage the entire process, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free implementation.

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