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SD-WAN allows you to connect to one network across multiple sites, improving the efficiency and agility of your business

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It addresses current IT challenges with poor user experience, data vulnerability, unpredictable performance and complex management.

This new approach to network connectivity with SD-WAN can help lower operational costs and improve resource usage, especially for multisite deployments. Network administrators can use bandwidth more efficiently and can help ensure high levels of performance for critical applications, without compromising on security or data privacy.

Why choose SD-WAN now?

The traditional WAN (wide-area network) function was to connect users at different locations to applications hosted on servers in the data centre. Typically, dedicated Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits were used to help ensure security and reliable connectivity. However, this doesn't work in an increasingly cloud-centric world.

WAN expenses can rise with inefficient use of dedicated and backup circuits, whilst employee productivity may be compromised by SaaS-appIication performance problems.

Your IT department may struggle to connect multiple types of users and devices to multiple cloud environments. By choosing SD-WAN, your IT department can deliver reliable routing, threat protection, efficient offloading of expensive circuits, and simplification of WAN network management.

How can SD-WAN benefit my business?

The benefits of an SD-WAN approach are considerable when compared to traditional WAN products. Key benefits include reduced capital and operational costs, improved provisioning times and enhanced branch uptime.

Better application experience

High availability, with predictable service, for all critical enterprise applications

Replace expensive MPLS services with more economical and flexible broadband (including secure VPN connections)

Dynamically routed application traffic with application-aware routing, for efficient delivery and improved user experience

Optimised cloud connectivity

Seamless extension of the WAN to multiple public clouds

Optimised workflows for cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

Real-time optimized performance for Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other major SaaS applications

Improved security

Integrated threat protection enforced at the right place

Secure traffic across broadband Internet and into the cloud

Application-aware policies with end-to-end segmentation and real-time access control

Simplified management

Zero-touch provisioning for all locations: branch, multiple sites, and cloud

Detailed reporting of application and WAN performance for business analytics and bandwidth forecasting

A single cloud-delivered management dashboard for configuration and management of WAN, cloud, and security

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