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Going Green with VoIP: The Sustainable Solution for Modern Communication

Did you know, that according to a study conducted by UCLA, companies who adopt green business practices are 16% more productive? 

The Big Switch Off is on the tongues of many within the telecommunications industry, and the endless advantages of converting to VoIP has been discussed in length. Besides paving the way for a more conducive technological solution, did you know that VoIP is, in fact, a more sustainable solution? Making the transition over to VoIP means staying connected in the most digitally efficient way, whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your business.  

With Earth Day upon us, it’s a time to reflect on how business practices impact the environment. At Alfonica, we are committed not only to helping businesses transition to VoIP and keeping them connected as efficiently as possible, but also to helping businesses embrace a greener future. 

Here is why VoIP is the way forward. 

      1. Fewer resources mean reduced hardware wastage. Traditional phone systems rely on copper wiring, phone cables and hardware that needs to be manufactured, transported and installed. This results in a significant amount of waste and pollution build-up. Furthermore, this hardware requires regular upgrading and replacements, with old hardware that ultimately end up in landfills. VoIP requires fewer resources as it relies on software that is stored in the cloud. 

        1. Allows for remote collaboration. VoIP enables seamless communication and collaboration from across the globe. By empowering employees to work from anywhere, transport related emissions are significantly reduced.  

          1. Reduces paper usage. With VoIP, invoices, bills and other documents can be stored digitally. Further, with the advanced voice to email feature, there is less need for paper and physical communication. 

            1. Increased energy efficiency. Traditional phone systems rely on electricity to power all the hardware they rely on. VoIP, however, operates using software and internet connectivity, which means that they consume far less energy than traditional systems. This reduced energy consumption not only means less energy consumption, but significant cost savings too! 
            2. From physical to hosted servers. VoIP relies on hosted servers to store all communication data. These servers are highly efficient and can handle large traffic volumes. This means less reliance on physical servers, which contribute to significant carbon emissions. Furthermore, these hosted servers are significantly safer with higher security protocols protected by enhanced encryption. 


            Embrace Sustainability with Alfonica 

            Allow us to set you up with a state-of-the-art communication system and embrace this greener approach to telecommunications. We can assist you with a seamless transition to lightning-fast fibre and hosted telephony, designed to streamline communications whilst minimising environmental impact.  Join us in celebrating Earth Day and working towards a greener tomorrow with clear and efficient communication and collaboration. 


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