SMS Messaging

Use SMS messaging for marketing, notifications, reminders and so much more

SMS solutions for every business

We have SMS solutions available for every type of business, or for a specific integration project. SMS messaging is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to reach your customers, either in bulk, in groups, or even on an individual basis. However you plan to use SMS messaging in your business, we can help you get started.

Why choose SMS messaging with Alfonica?

Tier-1 UK routes

The highest quality Tier-1 UK routes ensures maximum speed and deliverability

Global coverage

Global network coverage enables you to send text messages worldwide

UK data centres

All your data is hosted in UK data centres for maximum security and performance

How can I use SMS messaging?

SMS messaging can be used to achieve different results across a wide variety of businesses and industries. Here are just a few examples of how it can be used:

Appointment and SMS reminders

Reduce no-shows, improve customer service and handle cancellations using text messaging

Marketing and promotions

Get more customers, increase brand awareness and drive an increase in sales

Transactional messaging

Give your customers the information they need when they need it via SMS message

People management

Keep people in the loop with SMS notifications and coordinate staff more efficiently in real-time

Customer service

Extend office hours, reduce phone calls and improve customer satisfaction ratings

Use case: Reduce missed appointments

Missed appointments or reservations don’t just cause inconvenience - they cost your business in lost revenue, missed opportunities or incurred costs.

Many forward-thinking organisations are tackling this problem from the other end. A timely SMS reminder is proven to be well received and highly effective in reducing missed appointments. Of course, there will always be some appointments that can’t be kept but by giving people the option to cancel or rearrange easily via SMS, you’re less likely to be left waiting and may even be able to offer the slot to someone else.

There are lots of industries already using SMS messaging to reduce missed appointments, including hotels and restaurants, healthcare, garages, estate agents, hair and beauty salons, schools and colleges, recruitment and logistics.

Powerful SMS features

Send business SMS online

Send text messages up to 918 characters long through your browser, email client or SMS API

Auto-reply to messages

Use automatic replies to let your customer know you got their message

Chat view

Keep track of real time text conversations with your customers


Forward, reply and subscribe to incoming messages based on specific message content

Receive texts online

Both short and long numbers are available to receive SMS directly into their inbox

Forward messages

Automatically forward incoming SMS to multiple email addresses or mobile numbers


Keep your converstations, contacts and lists tidy automatically

User module

Unlimited sub-users, all with their own templates, contacts, credits and reporting.

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