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Lopian Gross Barnett & Co

Alfonica support Lopian Gross Barnett & Co growth with a scalable and low-cost hosted telephony (VoIP) system

Who are Lopian Gross Barnett & Co?

Lopian Gross Barnett & Co (LGB) was founded more than 60 years ago. Since then, their core principle of being a passionate and trusted advisor in accountancy and business advice has not changed. However, the technologies and methods used to achieve this aim have evolved greatly.

Now, with over 60 professionals working from their office in Manchester, the company is keen to embrace new technologies to better serve their clients. This includes the use of enhanced telecommunications, with phone calls still being the primary method of client communication.

Maximise employee productivity

LGB was looking to find a telecoms partner that was able to respond quickly to their requirements and provide a high level of support. The hosted telephony (VoIP) solution proposed by our consultants was designed to maximise employee productivity for any size of business. It is flexible, scalable and has improved customer service.

High functionality

The ability to only pay for what you need on a per-user basis, makes a hosted solution an attractive proposition for any organisation. But this was not only this reason that LGB chose hosted.

“The functionality is high, and it is pretty intuitive to use, with the handset menus being very easy to navigate. In particular, I find the email connection to voicemail to be very useful. If I am working from home or travelling, I can quickly listen to the voicemail message that has been forwarded to me and respond via email. I know this functionality is also useful for some of our technical staff who can be out of the office for periods of time at client sites.”


Client of Lopian Gross Barnett & Co


Upgrading the phone system and maximising modern features

Setting up an integrated and flexible telecoms infrastructure

Maximising employee productivity with a state-of-the-art phone system


One supplier for connectivity and phone systems, with 24/7 support

No downtime, and zero missed calls with Alfonica VR

No calls missed during office move

LGB have grown their fixed line requirements from an initial 50 Polycom handsets to over 75 and the flexibility and speed of the service provided by Alfonica has always impressed them. “We had a major office move a few months back”, said Daniel. “Alfonica made it easy for us by helping with the switchover and setup of the system to ensure we had minimum downtime. We also used their Virtual Receptionist (VR) service to ensure we did not miss any calls during the period of the actual move. It worked so well that we now employ VR to seamlessly deal with any overflow we get on day-to-day operations.”

Partner for fixed line and mobile

Alfonica also deal with the day-to-day support of LGB’s hosted phone system. Daniel said: “They are always very reactive to our problems and move quickly to find a resolution. Following the office move we experienced a problem with call quality, and they were able to diagnose and fix the problem within 48 hours. This involved a personal visit by one of their engineers to look at the setup of the equipment as following the relocation, it transpired to be a local issue with the phone system itself, and this was quickly addressed.”

“It is this level of commitment that makes me feel as if they are a true partner, rather than just a supplier. I have no doubt that they will be able to help us with our telecoms requirements for both fixed line and mobile for many years to come.”

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