Coping with unforeseen events in the education sector

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus student and teacher safety. Now, with things slowly returning to some sort of ‘normal’, you need to ensure school systems, that in the past you took for granted, can cope with other types of unplanned event, such as a major power cut or flood. This is […]

How to ensure your business is prepared for the unknown

The COVID-19 global pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, from how we work to how we conduct our daily routines at home or with our families. At Alfonica, we believe that people are adaptable and want to fulfil their roles as best they can, but often it is our connectivity systems that prove […]

Why you should consider SIP Trunking for your business

SIP trunking enables you to connect to the public telephone network to send and receive calls via the Internet. It supports VoIP and can be used as an effective replacement for an ISDN line. The latter is an important point to consider as BT has announced the phasing out of ISDN lines over the next […]

Ten key considerations when choosing a new hosted phone system

Is a hosted phone system reliable? – data transfer is more reliable with a hosted phone system as it uses broadband cables which are impervious to bad weather or broken lines How much hardware is required? – in essence a hosted phone system requires no more hardware or infrastructure than a smartphone. How many accounts […]