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Coping with unforeseen events in the education sector

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus student and teacher safety. Now, with things slowly returning to some sort of ‘normal’, you need to ensure school systems, that in the past you took for granted, can cope with other types of unplanned event, such as a major power cut or flood.

This is particularly the case for your communication systems, which need to be able to meet a disaster head-on and function when other things can’t.

Keeping students and teachers safe in an emergency

Your phone system needs to be resilient and efficient to ensure it can continue to keep students and teachers safe in an emergency. But have you ever checked to see how it would cope in such circumstances?

You need to have in place an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that will make sure your major systems will continue to function during an unplanned event. You probably have one in place for your IT system, but how about your phones?

One planned event you need to consider

Many schools and colleges are still using ISDN lines for their communication and internet access, but this is coming to an end. BT have announced that not only are they stopping selling new ISDN lines, but they are also planning to switch off all existing ones by 2025.

ISDN is an older technology that BT want to phase out and get all users to switch to a digital VoIP system that offers many advantages, including:

  • Cost savings
  • HD quality calls
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Supports Instant Messaging for staff, conferencing and call recording

What’s more the higher capacity broadband lines you will need to replace your existing ISDN ones will also more readily support the increased bandwidth requirements of e-learning. So, helping to future proof your establishment as well as helping it cope with any future unplanned event.

Great opportunity to future-proof

The phasing out of ISDN lines is a great opportunity to reassess your telephony and internet requirements to ensure you can meet future events with confidence.

Not sure about what you should be doing now? Don’t worry we can help.

We are currently offering a free of charge 2-hour education disaster recovery consultation and audit. This will highlight where you have problems with your phone system currently and the options open to you to build a future-proof and resilient system that will continue to safeguard your students and teachers.

Contact us now to book your education DR consultation.

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