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Ten key considerations when choosing a new hosted phone system

  1. Is a hosted phone system reliable? – data transfer is more reliable with a hosted phone system as it uses broadband cables which are impervious to bad weather or broken lines
  2. How much hardware is required? – in essence a hosted phone system requires no more hardware or infrastructure than a smartphone.
  3. How many accounts are involved? – A hosted system brings landlines and mobiles together in a single cohesive phone network, with one all-encompassing contract and less billing paperwork
  4. How is the hosted account managed? – Hosted phone systems are controlled through a web portal. Network/account managers can configure and modify these systems far more easily than with traditional hardwired infrastructure, while billing information and usage data is also instantly accessible.
  5. Is a hosted system customisable? – Yes, because hosted systems place the administrator squarely in charge via an easily-controlled web portal, there is far more scope for customising the system around each user’s specific requirements.
  6. Are allocated numbers portable? – Yes, phones can be switched seamlessly from an office’s Wi-Fi network to the cellular service of a mobile telecommunications partner, effectively turning one handset into both a desk phone and a smartphone.
  7. What about geographic restrictions? – Because hosted telephony is sent over the internet, you are no longer tied geographically by your phone number. For example, you could have a London number and your staff are located in Leeds.
  8. How much will the new system cost? – Hosted systems do away with trunking and exchanges, as well as expensive maintenance contracts. Cost-savings may be secondary to quality improvements when it comes to hosted phone systems, but greater affordability will always impress the Finance Director.
  9. What does a hosted phone system consist of? – Basically, all you need in your office are the handsets. All the other infrastructure can be accessed via an online, user-controlled interface.
  10. What if my company’s circumstances change? – Hosted systems are easily scalable (up or down) so not only can they adapt quickly to changing circumstances, you only need pay for what you use.

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