Helen Welsby

Helen Welsby

How 5G can transform business

All the recent announcements from the mobile networks about how they are going to roll out 5G over the next few years may have passed you by as something not yet worth your attention. With the cost of 5G handsets currently high and the service only being available in a few major cities, this is understandable. Like any new technology it will take time for its benefits to be realised but a recent white paper by Cambridge Consultants has highlighted how it is likely to transform the business environment,

Digital transfomation

5G represents a massive investment for the network operators, but with smartphone penetration reaching saturation point, how will they get a return on this investment? Cambridge reckons that the real power of 5G lies in how it can enable the digital transformation of the business world.

Digital transformation is the change to an organisation’s tools, processes, structure and culture brought about by the increased use of digital technology. Some organisations will gain significant value simply from digitising documentation, for example, and providing remote access to the data.

More advanced cloud native organisations, on the other hand, base their operations on the use of virtualised cloud infrastructure. In the future, “network native” organisations will base their operations around 5G based connectivity with their customers, extending their relationship for the entire lifetime of their product.

Embrace cultural shift

Telecom operators are in a unique position to unlock 5G’s huge potential for their enterprise customers. Operators, and indeed the whole mobile communications value chain, are understandably very keen to develop the technology to create new revenue streams and business lines.

However, to accomplish this will require more than just a technology shift. Telecom operators will need to embrace a cultural shift and will need to respond to the unique needs of diverse enterprise customers.

To read the full white paper, click here.

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