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Unified Communications – is it secure and can it help your organisation succeed?

A big concern with any new technology is how secure it is, especially when compared to the tried, tested and reliable alternatives. Unified Communication (UC) software is typically delivered over a single, encrypted broadband or ethernet cabled network.

This method actually reduces the chance of anybody accessing your secure information without authorisation, simply because there are fewer channels and opportunities for them to do so.

This becomes especially practical when sharing confidential information, which would traditionally be sent over multiple devices. With each different platform, there would be a level of security attached to each one and, in the case of a data or security breach, it may not be immediately clear where and how it occurred.

How else does it help?

One of the most advantageous aspects of unified communications platforms is the ability for teams, workforces and entire organisations to work collaboratively over the same single channel enabling seamless information sharing, knowledge gathering, collaboration and productivity.

This also means that UC solutions are ideal for companies looking for a scalable communications solution, as adding or removing users is done with the same, individual interface.

Siemens is looking to effectively use UC products, as reported by Computer Weekly. Siemens can simultaneously modernise and standardise its communications and collaboration tools, and the idea of a business this size operating through a single channel gives an idea of how progressive and practical UC technology has become.

Can it help remote work?

As so many businesses now operate from multiple locations, or with staff working remotely, unified communications initially appear to be a technology beyond their reach. However, with mobile devices, tablets and laptops all able to use the same interface, unified communications becomes the solution for the remote worker as well.

This article is taken from our upcoming white paper ‘Beginners guide to unified communications’. If you would like a copy or would like to discuss your unified communications requirements, please contact us.

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