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How Unified Communications helps retain customers

Alongside controlling costs and gaining competitive advantage, retaining customers is a business prerequisite. Yet despite this, many companies devote most of their resources to finding new business. Growing a user or customer base is clearly important but that base will grow much faster if the number of clients dropping out the bottom means your company […]

What is Unified Communications as a service?

You’ve probably heard of ‘unified communications’ (UC). It’s one of those impactful business buzzwords that sounds like it promises to vanquish a variety of problems in one fell swoop. However, that’s because it can. Combining every channel of business communication into a single, cloud service platform, UC is an increasingly popular choice for businesses seeking […]

How does Unified Communications work?

The term Unified Communications (UC) has become something of a buzzword. Like “green” and “sustainable”, “forward-thinking” and “progressive”, before it. Subsequently, many people think of “unified communications” in the same way; more of a cool concept than a tangible mode of improving businesses and services. However, it remains a path for businesses to progress, nonetheless. […]

Unified Communications – is it secure and can it help your organisation succeed?

A big concern with any new technology is how secure it is, especially when compared to the tried, tested and reliable alternatives. Unified Communication (UC) software is typically delivered over a single, encrypted broadband or ethernet cabled network. This method actually reduces the chance of anybody accessing your secure information without authorisation, simply because there […]

Why you should be considering Unified Communications (UC)

In our last blog article on UC, we looked at the advantages that it could bring to your organisation. This time we are looking at whom UC would best suit. As communication technology develops, it becomes increasingly easy for businesses to contact each other internally and keep in touch with their customers. At least, that’s […]

What are the advantages of Unified Communications (UC)?

In our last blog article, we looked at what UC actually is. This time we will be looking at the benefits of UC and how to start building your UC system. So, who will UC benefit: What are the starting points of building a UC system? The “brain” of a UC system is what is […]

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

In running your business, you could find your corporate communications need changing with fluid regularity. For example, whereas email or fax might be the necessary medium for sending or receiving a quotation, you might want to switch to instant messaging for matters of urgency. Similarly, cost concerns could lead you to forgo voice communication in […]