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How can telecoms help the Professional Services succeed?

Running an accountancy, solicitor’s office, or any professional practice – involves a lot of complexity, so you need communications to run as simply as possible so that staff can focus on core competencies and other business opportunities

Alfonica enjoy handling the complexity of communications so that professionals can focus on the work that matter most to them. With that in mind, we have compiled some of the best ways that business communications can help professional service practices to do more, with less.

The right business communications solution can save costs

There are many ways that business communications and telecoms could help professional services save money – efficient time recording results in a significant increase in fees billed, you should not miss a minute. While tools such as video conferencing services that are built into desk phones ensure company employees can connect and interact with their clients from different locations in real-time, no need for travel and no need for subscriptions to third party conferencing software. Send us a message for even more cost saving tips.

Multiple offices can act as one

Having offices spread all over the country or globe is a sign of great achievement but to succeed you need all locations to: work, communicate, and collaborate – instantaneously. You can ensure this happens with new advancements in communication technology. Businesses no longer need to install legacy infrastructure such as servers or capital expenditures that need large investment. A P2P fibre network could be all you need

Clients are at the heart of a professional practice and you could improve the care you give them

Dropped support tickets and inscrutable billing charges are unacceptable. You can improve customer care by having the capability to respond effectively and with speed, this could be with a virtual receptionist or a specially designed IVR that reduces waiting times.

Your communication solution can adapt with the size of your business

Whether you’re a solicitor, an accountant or work in a financial office – your office will have busy times where more staff are necessary. Your communication infrastructure needs to be agile enough to support this shift and if it is, you will benefit. With the right solution, new users can be added to the system within minutes and they can be removed in the same amount of time. Why wait weeks to get a new team member up and running and for a new phone line to be installed?

If you want to discuss telecoms for professional services, Alfonica has business experts on hand and ready to help. Click here to message.

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