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Can you run internet based phones (VoIP) on your current broadband?

This year we have received more enquiries about VoIP then ever before. VoIP is simply a way to allow you to have your phone line over the internet. alfonica can help you bring: voice, data, and video into this single, easy-to-manage internet based service. The key question we receive however, is if you can run internet based phones with simple broadband, here’s our answer…

Switching to VoIP doesn’t require much change to your infrastructure, but you do need to make sure your internet can handle the new traffic. Internet-based phone solutions are sensitive to your network conditions, so a busy connection might lead to calls with interference, which is not suitable for a company!

If your connection isn’t a dedicated line or super-fast or if you’re not sure if it is (click to ask one of our experts to check it for you), you’ll need to upgrade to faster broadband, or get a second internet line dedicated to your new internet based phone.

There may be other requirements too depending on your set-up and if you have your own onsite IP PBX, but we won’t bore you with the jargon here.

The second most popular question we receive is from businesses who want a clearer reason as to why they should choose internet based phones.

Internet based phones aren’t suitable for everyone – not every client is happy with phone call and quality being reliant on their internet connection. But if you need a big reason to make the switch, then cost is a great example.

Compared to traditional landlines, internet based phones can offer huge savings in call costs, especially for international calls. For most global businesses, cost is reason enough.

Internet based phones are highly flexible – so you can set up new starters, enable hot desking or even remote working as needed. This solution can still support professional features such as digital receptionists, call management and forwarding, voicemail, interactive voice response services and many more tools which can supercharge your business.

Internet based phones are perfectly poised for the next generation of connectivity but changing is a big decision, so let Alfonica help you assess the best options.


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