Helen Welsby

Helen Welsby

Alfonica helps bring superfast fibre broadband to St. John’s Wood & Maida Vale, London

We’re proud to bring superfast connectivity to businesses but it’s not often we have the privilege of bringing the latest technology to a whole area of London.

Earlier in 2018, we offered to team up with London resident Joseph Dweck who had made it his mission to get high-speed internet to St. John’s Wood & Maida Vale after moving to the UK from the US four years ago. He said he was “shocked” on arrival to discover that the whole area had no access to superfast fibre broadband, which he needed in order to work and even access people within his own community.

Dweck teamed up with a local resident Ereira, and local MP Karen Buck, both of whom helped in the four-year dialogue with BT and OFCOM. We offered our relevant expertise to help bring about change which was announced to come to the area today.

Our team member, Simon Fogal said: “We were delighted to get superfast broadband installed that will benefit hundreds of people and businesses previously struggling with a technology black hole!”

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