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Helping schools, colleges and universities prepare for the ISDN switch off and connect, communicate and collaborate.

There's a major change in communications that schools must plan ahead for: The Switch Off.
BT will switch off its PSTN and ISDN networks in 2025, meaning that all organisations currently using traditional phone lines will need to migrate to a VOIP or hosted solution.

Whether learning takes place at school or at home, your organisation's phone system is a crucial part of day-to-day running. With a hosted or VOIP communication solution in place, you'll benefit from features and functionality that will enhance both teacher and student safety, enable more efficient communications to parents or students, and encourage effective collaboration between teaching staff.

Technology challenges in education

Schools have a unique set of challenges to overcome when considering investment in communications and technology

• Demand for collaboration and teachers being able to 'work from anywhere'
• Seasonal fluctuations in communication traffic between term-time and holidays
• Parents and students expecting flexibility and instant communication
from teaching staff
• Smaller budgets and a continued expectation to invest in
digital transformation
• Allowing parents to easily report student sickness or absence
• Increased scrutiny on safeguarding for both students and teachers
• Reporting on major events, such as school closures

How to prepare your school for the switch off

What is the Switch Off?

At the end of December 2025, the network that supports traditional telephone lines will be switched off and withdrawn from service.

Why is the Switch Off happening?

As broadband services have increased in quality and reliability over the past decade, the network that supports traditional phone lines has become almost completely digital. In fact, there are already some areas where you can't buy traditional phone lines, so you'll need to consider moving to a hosted or VolP solution soon.

Benefits of VoIP or hosted communication for schools

Save money

Moving to a hosted solution is cost effective because the installation and maintenance costs are minimal. A hosted solution also means that you avoid paying expensive traditional phone line bills, as your calls will be placed over competitively priced internet connectivity instead.

Advanced features

A VolP or hosted system is full of features that are simply not available with traditional phone lines. These features include increased call control, staff emergency broadcasts, call recording, free calls between multiple locations and dedicated lines. A dedicated line can be particularly useful for schools as they can be employed to report absences and prevent unwanted behaviour

Increased flexibility

VolP or hosted systems allow for increased flexibility, scaling up and down seamlessly to match the exact requirements of a school. Adding or removing new users and devices is very easy and can be done as required. This is a far simpler process than it is with traditional phone lines.

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