GOSH Device Donation Form

Alfonica Supports the GOSH Charity

This is your chance to make a difference. Get involved with our ‘Clear Out Your Clutter’ campaign and you and your colleagues can help these children at absolutely no cost. Your business can also talk about this activity in your Corporate and Social Responsibility programme! What is there to lose?

Terms & Conditions

You should understand that by donating a device, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Once your device is sealed in an envelope it can never be returned to you. There is no opportunity for you to receive any monetary value for your device. If your device is in good working order it’ll be data wiped, refurbished and sold on for reuse as an affordable means of communication, mainly in developing countries. Things that can’t be repaired are sent to be “end of life” recycled. The precious metals and other components that can be reused are extracted and any remaining materials are smelted for energy recovery.

By ticking the “I agree to the terms & conditions” button on the form, you are agreeing that you are the rightful owner of device(s) and hereby authorise us to recycle the device(s), delete all the contents on it, and pass all the proceeds to GOSH Charity.