Case Study - Max Barney Estate

Alfonica is the trusted telecoms partner for Max Barney Estate

Business technology is now central to how organisations operate. It deals with everything from keeping in touch with customers to ensuring staff are paid on time. Such an important investment has to be kept up to date to ensure the business does not suffer. If not, the results can be loss of revenue and reputation and, in the worst case scenario, business closure.

The Max Barney Estate (MBE) is a family run property company with a 50-year-old history steeped in central London’s bricks and mortar. They are a business that prides itself on adhering to old fashioned values whilst at the same time adopting a modern and forward-thinking outlook to their buildings and the businesses that occupy them.

They take a long term and conservative view on property ownership and management. This allows them to adopt a very different style as a landlord, summed up in their 5 Fs motto: fuss-free, fast, fully transparent, flexible and freedom.

New hosted phone and conferencing system

Such an approach is built on providing excellent and rapid customer service to ensure that the businesses that rely on them can get in touch easily. However, during 2019 their phone system was causing them problems in this area as Ama Samra explained. “Basically, it was old, all single lines and the company supporting it was not very good. In summary, it was awful, and we knew we had to do something about it.”

Alfonica had been recommended to MBE by a mutual contact. After an initial meeting in April 2019 a new broadband line and 30+ seat Yealink hosted phone and conferencing system was planned and implemented by Alfonica’s technical consultants.

Office move

Commenting on the new system, Ama said, “Now it is a thousand times better than it was before! Everyone’s phone works as it should do and on the very rare occasion that we do have an actual problem, we simply ring Alfonica and they have solved the problem within minutes.”

The new system was also easily able to cope with MTE’s move to a new office in Sep 2019. With Alfonica consultants dealing with the switchover remotely.

“Dealing with Alfonica is super-easy,” concluded Ama. “They are always available and respond quickly to any problems we may have. We know that they will always give us the right advice on all issues relating to our phones. They even look after all our mobile requirements now, which makes things much easier for us knowing we only have one point of contact for all our telecom needs.”

"Alfonica are always available and respond quickly to any problems we may have. We know that they will always give us the right advice on all issues relating to our phones."

Why Alfonica?



  • Client needs are met with exceptional 24/7 customer service
  • We talk business, not jargon
  • Forward-thinking solutions
  • Industry leading network quality
  • Seamless switchover processes
  • Friendly & award winning communication experts
  • Disaster recovery & Fraud Monitoring for every client
  • Great value international calls
  • Cost-effective and bespoke packages
  • Dedicated personal account managers
  • Direct customer service lines
  • 20 years of business expertise