4G/5G Assurance

Never lose business because of a lost
broadband connection. Choose
4G/5G Assurance with Alfonica.

4G/ 5G Assurance guarantees a strong, reliable internet connection for your business,
providing peace of mind at a competitive price. There are many uses for this type of connection,
but there are two instances where it can be particularly suitable:

  1. As a backup/ failover connection
    or disaster recovery solution,
    which will help to minimise downtime
    and keep your business running
    smoothly in the event that your main
    internet connection fails. We’ll provide
    a 4G or 5G dongle or SIM card which
    simply plugs or slots into the back of
    your router and can be switched on
    as and when needed.

  1. As a temporary connectivity solution
    for customers who are having a leased line
    installed. This is because leased lines
    can take anywhere from 1 -18 months to
    install, depending on a customer’s existing
    infrastructure and fibre availability in the
    local area. Leased line customers may
    also have chosen to have a leased line
    installed because their ASDL connection
    is faulty or unreliable. In this instance
    we will provide a 4G or 5G router.

We offer flexible pricing for 4G/ 5G Assurance, starting
from as little as Β£3.99 per month with a Care Package.
You can also choose to add 4G/ 5G Assurance to your
premium broadband package.

Benefits of 4G/ 5G Assurance

At Alfonica, we understand that reliable connectivity is essential for businesses,
and peace of mind is priceless. Our 4G/ 5G solution has many advantages:

A guaranteed

Quick and easy
to implement

A cost-effective
backup solution

Of course, all of this comes with Alfonica's excellent customer service. Our connectivity experts are
on hand whenever you need them, and we'll handle everything from setup to support.

Want to find out how Alfonica can help you get started with 4G/5G Assurance?

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