SIP trunking enables you to connect to the public telephone network to send and receive calls via the Internet. It supports VoIP and can be used as an effective replacement for an ISDN line. The latter is an important point to consider as BT has announced the phasing out of ISDN lines over the next five years. So, it is worth bearing in mind for any potential changes to your phone system that you are planning.

SIP Trunking is a flexible, scalable and powerful way to combine voice, data and video into a single line, but how does this benefit your business?

Cost savings

Although you will need to invest in a new PBX system that can handle SIP-based calls, or convert your existing one, this investment will soon be recouped with cost savings. These will come from reduced line rental and maintenance costs as well as giving you free calls to geographic numbers within the UK.


By switching to SIP Trunking you are more able to cope with changing business circumstances. Whether this is adding more lines quickly and easily as your business grows. Or, the capability to cope with disaster recovery or holiday or peak periods.

Future proofing

Making the change to SIP Trunking will ensure your business is able to cope with future changes in technology, like the upcoming discontinuance of ISDN. Moving to IP-based telecoms will give you access to more choice of solutions and equipment and allow your business to integrate its existing systems like CRM and IT to ensure an end-to-end solution that will help you improve customer service and employee efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about SIP Trunking or discuss your current telecoms setup, please feel free to give us a no-obligation call. We will be happy to talk you through the options.